About the product

A platform comprising a decentralized mailbox with all Ylide Protocol's features and a Web3 feed, as well as offering easy login via digital wallets and naming services. Ylide Social Hub’s features include the Ylide feed (where users can write aggregator on-chain messages in different formats), a smart feed (to show users the most relevant news across different platforms based on the on-chain analytics of their wallets), and notifications (easily customizable alerts about on-chain events and transactions). The team is actively working on the product and will be launching more features.

Everscale usage

Recent integration with one of dApps built on Everscale – Qamon, helps to deliver decentralized messaging and social media to a wider audience, as users will be able to chat and receive messages within their wallet apps. Qamon processes messages through Ylide Protocol, meaning that users of Ylide Social Hub will be able to seamlessly communicate with users of Qamon and other products to be built based on Ylide Protocol.