About the product

An NFT collection on the Everscale network from FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

This exclusive offering allows users to get closer to their favorite chess moments, memorabilia, and stars through verifiable digital asset ownership on the Everscale network. The ChessNFT platform supports the purchase of on-chain chess NFTs using both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The collection features 9,000 digitally verifiable chess tokens, including 8,400 Common, 480 Rare, and 120 Unique collector pieces. The NFTs are available on the official FIDE NFT marketplace by GrandBazar.io and EverX.

Everscale usage

The product utilizes NFT technology to create a captivating experience for chess fans and collectors. Built on Everscale's robust infrastructure, ChessNFT offers a smooth marketplace based on the Grandbazar's platform.

The marketplace allows users to obtain, exchange, and display their ChessNFTs while enjoying the security, scalability, and decentralization provided by the Everscale network.