About the product

A user-friendly all-in-one blockchain explorer made by Broxus that simplifies the process of browsing and analyzing all relevant Everscale on-chain data, making it more accessible for users and developers. EVER Scan displays key network data such as EVER total supply and all information about transactions and messages (both internal and external), all accounts, validators, etc. Added to that is the display of NFTs and their properties, and much more. The Broxus team is continuously working to improve the EVER Scan UX so that anybody can easily enjoy interaction with the Everscale blockchain.

Everscale usage

Everscale is a public blockchain, meaning anyone can perform transfers, interact with the blockchain, or deploy dApps or smart contracts. As a trustless and permissionless network, EVER Scan provides users and developers with access to verified smart contract information and open-source code through its Contracts page, ensuring secure interactions with verified contracts.

EverScan — Everscale Blockchain Explorer