About the product

A powerful crypto wallet designed by Broxus for managing Everscale-based assets such as native EVER, TIP-3 tokens, and NFTs. The wallet has an easy-to-use interface and is available on any web browser, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

EVER Wallet allows users to interact with decentralized apps and perform transactions in just a few seconds. Additionally, EVER Wallet can be used as a multisignature wallet, which means you can use multiple private keys to sign transactions.

Moreover, EVER Wallet is designed with security and privacy in mind, and therefore does not collect any personal information – only a wallet’s owner can access it. If you prefer to store your digital assets offline, EVER Wallet also currently supports Ledger in developer mode.

With EVER Wallet, you can generate an infinite number of public keys and wallets with a single seed phrase, providing you with greater flexibility in managing your assets.

Users are also able to join liquid staking using EVER Wallet. Unlike classic staking, liquid staking allows crypto assets to be used even after they are locked. The stEVER token was created in the Everscale ecosystem for this very purpose.

Everscale usage

As a part of the Everscale ecosystem, EVER Wallet is connected to all products, including OctusBridge, FlatQube, and more. It is worth noting that using the wallet’s integrated services for accepting payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency is seamless and convenient. The wallet is powered by the Broxus team.

EVER Wallet – Liquid staking. A guide-on how to get stEVER tokens.
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