About the product

An NFT marketplace developed by ItGold, Third Place is a unique platform that specializes in selling art created by talented artists. The NFTs available on the marketplace are digital representations of real art pieces, backed by their physical counterparts.

In addition to offering an exclusive collection of art, Third Place also owns a mansion and gallery in the heart of St. Petersburg and hosts engaging events for the Everscale community, such as EverPlace NFT.

This dynamic marketplace bridges the gap between the physical and digital art worlds, providing digital ownership and a unique experience for artists, art enthusiasts, and industry professionals. ItGold is an active contributor to the Everscale ecosystem, as it also launched the GrandBazar NFT marketplace, showcasing its team’s expertise in creating innovative and immersive digital art platforms.

Everscale usage

As part of this project, the platform plans to find world-famous works of art by verifying their authenticity in partnership with a number of major museums.

Thanks to Everscale and its NFT technology, the rights of use for the obtained art objects will be certified in the form of several thousand unique NFTs, and platform members are able to buy famous masterpieces of world art fraction by fraction using tokens.

The value of each unique fraction depends on the size of the art object and its value. Prices range from $1,000 to $30,000.

Third Place is based in Naryshkin Palace in the heart of Saint Petersburg and plans to hold private shows for its NFT holders