About the product

Tokstock is an innovative NFT marketplace on Everscale that offers a unique experience for both creators and collectors. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that ensures fast and intuitive navigation with diverse search filters and categories to help users find their perfect NFT.

One of Tokstock's key features is the support of different types of NFTs, including video, music, and PDF documents. Additionally, Tokstock provides full statistics on each NFT from creation to views and bids, giving collectors a complete picture of the NFT's history and popularity, while information about rarity helps collectors make informed purchase decisions.

The platform also supports a royalty system and payments in various currencies, making it easier for creators and collectors from all over the world to participate. The marketplace is powered by the Blockchain Family team.

Everscale usage

With the full launch of Drivechains, it will be possible to store NFTs directly on the blockchain, making them truly decentralized. Everscale’s architecture is also used to create composable and mutable NFTs that will evolve and transition into different ones with varying properties and traits. These NFTs will be able to be applied in gaming or metaverses, creating more use-cases.