Brand assets

Explore these guidelines when promoting Everscale in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.

Hero Image


We have various styles for the Everscale logo. Make sure the one you choose creates the right contrast against the logo background.

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Safe zone

A certain amount of space is needed around the logomark to prevent it from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, images, or the edge of a page.



Logo dont's

Here are some things you should never do with the Everscale logomark

Don't add shadows behind the logo
Don't add outlines to the logo
Don't stretch the logo
Don't apply the logo in low resolution
Don't use the logo as a frame for imagery
Don't place on low contrast colors


It’s our very own custom typeface, designed to reflect the brand's personality and values. We recommend using it for all Everscale ecosystem products and marketing materials to create a cohesive and distinctive visual identity
Download font
Everscale Font
Font family
2 weight
Regular and Medium
Languages support

Color palette

The color palette stretches from light yellow to dark blue. It goes from fiery orange to galactic highway, with multiple accent colors to better representtechnology, speed, and openness to innovation.

Dark blue
Dark yellow
Light yellow

Color gradient

Gradients should be used only as a background for mini-posts and covers. Using this method makes a design clear, readable, and pleasing to the eye.
Dark blue
#00000 #210FB7
#FF6922 #6347F5