Everscale Grants

Everscale Grants is a campaign that aims to attract promising IT projects that can contribute to the Everscale ecosystem's growth
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Financial support
To achieve their identified milestones
Technical support
To help build and integrate their platforms
Marketing support
To raise awareness and attract users

Application milestones

Make sure you produce a quality whitepaper for your project in advance.
A project website or presentation must be designed and provided for review and include the following:
  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Solution architecture;
  • Team and partners/advisors profile, if any;
  • Unique value proposition;
  • Target audience profile;
  • Contact information.
If the project is not free software, it must have a detailed business model and feature tokenomics that are appropriate for the size of the requested grant.
The project must publish its sources (including smart contracts) on GitHub under an open-source license.
Based on the development specifics, we may require you to provide additional information.