About the product

FlatQube is the first and by far the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) launched on Everscale. Developed by Broxus, it runs on the automatic market maker (AMM) using liquidity pools that provide automatic pricing and eliminate the possibility of a price manipulation. Users enjoy fast token swaps between the most popular and significant cryptocurrency assets, as well as some of the highest APR farming rates. On top of that, FlatQube allows to lock its governance tokens (QUBE) to maximize farming rewards.

Everscale usage

Everscale’s architecture makes it possible to mitigate notorious DeFi issues in the crypto space such as front-running and MEV, providing a more efficient and profitable trading experience for users. Moreover, like Everscale, FlatQube has been turned into DAO, meaning that QUBE holders have control over the platform’s governance and can vote on decisions affecting it, including which pools will have the highest rewards.

Everscale FlatQube – how to boost your farming?