About the product

A web interface and explorer that provides users with access to information about DePools, including their main stats and a comprehensive list of all available DePools. The web interface also allows users to easily withdraw or deposit their EVER to participate in staking and earn EVER tokens as rewards.

Everscale usage

DePools are smart contracts that enable users to invest EVER into a shared pool of funds. Thanks to DePools,Everscale validators don't necessarily need to have the full required stake amount for validation. Instead, they can create a DePool so that members of the Everscale community can deposit EVER there and join the blockchain’s validation process. After a specified period of time (round), users can receive rewards in EVER. Users can withdraw their funds at any time; it takes three validation cycles to withdraw – up to 54 hours.

DePools create a secure and decentralized infrastructure for the blockchain, where any validator that meets the technical requirements but doesn't have enough EVER for validation, as well as any user, can join the consensus and contribute to Everscale’s security, earning rewards for doing so!