About the product

An all-in-one wallet and application for interacting with the Everscale blockchain.

Ever Surf allows users to securely purchase, store, transfer, and receive EVER as well as other tokens on Everscale.

Users can exchange encrypted messages with smart contacts in the built-in chat. The wallet also features an intuitive interface for participating in EVER staking and receiving rewards and offers users the ability to store, send, and receive Everscale-native NFTs.

Everscale usage

Everscale utilizes a unique feature – DeBots (Decentralized Bots), an intuitive, no-prior-knowledge-required interface for interacting with smart contracts on the Everscale blockchain.

Ever Surf provides an in-built interface for interacting and using DeBots. This simplifies the user's experience with the Everscale blockchain and smart contracts, as well as streamlining the development process of blockchain-based services. Learn more about DeBots in the Everscale blog.

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