About the product

A financial integration service that facilitates the seamless integration of Everscale blockchain technology into ATMs and banking systems. This includes integration with Pi Union's licensed fintech ecosystem, which offers cryptocurrency exchange solutions and a card-issuing payment center called iizipay.

Through the Evercash app, European residents can easily order a Mastercard complete with an IBAN without visiting a bank. Users can also create wallets using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EUPi and easily fund them with any Mastercard or Visa card.

Everscale usage

The app also offers instant internal crypto transfers for EVER users. Additionally, it allows merchants to connect an Evercash widget to their stores and sell regular or digital items using convenient payment methods – cards and banks with SEPA, SWIFT, or with the native EVER coin or any other cryptocurrency using a QR code.

Evercash – ATM cash withdrawal
Evercash - the first ever crypto bank on Everscale