About the product

A platform offering exciting new opportunities for gamers, streamers, and partners. Gamers can explore various ways to earn by winning online games and tournaments. Streamers can utilize EVERPLAY's tokenization tools to significantly increase profits and engagement with their audience. They can easily tokenize their activities, minting FUN tokens and launching NFT collections, which they can then distribute to their audience. Partners can profit alongside EVERPLAY by introducing new players to the platform and receiving a portion of their deposits.

Everscale usage

Utilizing Everscale, EVERPLAY builds strong engagement with its users through utility tokens. Utility Tokens are the fuel of the EVERPLAY economy. GOLD is the internal currency primarily used for player engagement. EVERPLAY takes a commission on every transaction in EPLAY tokens and burns a percentage of EPLAY profits, allowing holders to earn more.

The platform provides a wide variety of money-making options, from daily duels and tournaments to NFTs and tokenization kits for streamers – it's up to the player to choose how they want to earn.