About the product

The first and only NFT collection by the Everscale core developer – Broxus. Broxie is a world of hard workers, who brainstorm, labor, and create every day to contribute to the development of the Everscale ecosystem.

The collection comprises 1221 digital portraits. Each NFT was minted with random traits and rarity, making each Broxie unique.

The Broxie NFT collection comes with utilities that provide advantages and additional benefits when using Broxus and Everscale ecosystem products.

Everscale usage

Broxie is more than art – it's a special pass to the Everscale ecosystem. The collection is in its early stages, but each owner already has benefits within the ecosystem. A significant utility is zero commission on the Tokstock marketplace.

At EVERPOINT 2023, where the Everscale community, partners, and team celebrated Everscale’s third birthday, Broxie was the event ticket! We expect more killer mechanics for Broxie NFTs in the future, and perhaps some of them will be applied to Broxus products, such as FlatQube or OctusBridge.