About the product

An Everscale blockchain-based NFT game. The game is an indirectly controlled racing rally where players compete on tracks with varying difficulty levels. To win, a player needs to choose a driving style and driver, as well as prepare for the weather conditions on the track. A collection of unique NFTs in pixel-art style is used as the main game assets – cars. Each model has its own characteristics and a unique name, picture, and description, as well as maintaining a racing history. Every win in the Rust Cup Game increases the NFT's value.

Everscale usage

All game mechanics are built on the Everscale blockchain, and user interaction with the game logic takes place through a special smart contract written with DeBot support. For easy access to information about completed races, all data is collected and indexed in PostgreSQL.

The game implements a racing rally with indirect control. To play the game, players need to buy racing cars, each of which is an NFT. Before the race, the player chooses the parameters: driving style, number of pit stops, and others. Once all competitors have entered and set up their NFTs for the race, the algorithm performs an automatic calculation of the winners based on the track parameters.